Lecture - Sailing to the Sun: Cruising History & Folklore

Over 11 million people take cruises every year from US ports and in a $7 billion a year industry. And more, great growth is expected. It is said to be the very best vacation of all vast, usually all-white, pool-lined, lounge and casino filled floating hotels with every amenity, creature comfort and then, as if the cherries on the tallest cake, stopovers in romantic and historic ports of call. The sun is often the greatest lure, however. We look at the roots of the cruise business from some 150 years ago, its evolution, the great growth that began in the 1960s and 70s, and to today's mega-liners carrying as many as 6,000 guests and close to 2,000 staff. Indeed, more people are traveling by ship than ever before in history and there are some 50 new liners being built at this time. The flags are fluttering & the whistles are sounding all aboard!

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