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Bill Miller German Dutch Passenger Liners

Yet another fine production from Dover Publications, by Bill Miller, published in October 2002, soft cover, 178 pages & 118 pages of such ships as Columbus , Bremen, Europa, Statendam, Wilhelm Gustloff, Oranje, Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938, Rotterdam ‘59 & many others. Foreword by Arnold Kludas. Signed at $17.95.

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Bill Miller Andrea Doria

SS FRANCE/SS NORWAY. Fine, largely color book from Liner Books of Lisbon ... co-authored by Luis Miguel Correia & Bill Miller. Smaller format book, great photos, chronological history of the last French Line flagship, published September 2002. Signed at $25.

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Bill Miller Picture History British Liners

PICTURE HISTORY OF BRITISH OCEAN LINERS. By Bill Miller, Dover, a century of great & grand liners from Mauretania & Lusitania of 1907 to the likes of the QE2 of 1969 and Aurora of 2000. Signed at $19.95.

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Last Atlantic Liners

Classic Liners - SS Normandie
In the world of ocean liners, those built for French lines were the epitome of style and panache, and SS Normandie perhaps the pinnacle of this. When she entered service in 1935, she was the largest, longest, fastest and certainly the best fed ship of her time, serving the finest food imaginable in a dining room longer than the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Through beautiful illustrations and evocative writing, William H.Miller presents the story of one of the most lavish liners ever to cross the seas.
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Last Atlantic Liners

Last Atlantic Liners: Getting there is half the fun
William H. Miller brings together a fabulous selection of images of the ships of the period, the great and the famous of ocean liner travel. From the grand Cunard Queens to the fastest and longest ships afloat, from the ships of state to smaller vessels, from the tragedy of disaster to the triumph of record-breaking, he tells the story of this glittering age of travel, a time when 'Getting There was Half the Fun'.

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RMS Caronia

RMS Caronia: Cunard's Green Goddess
Painted in shades of green and known affectionately as the "Green Goddess," Cunard’s Caronia of 1949 ushered in the era of modern cruising, and here is her incredible story. She represented Britain’s recovery and the rebirth of the world’s maritime industry after the devastation of World War II, designed almost exclusively for an untapped passenger market: luxury cruising.

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Floating Palaces

Floating Palaces: The Great Atlantic Liners
From the mid-1890s a race was on between the merchant navies of the recently unified Germany, Britain and France. That race was to make the most luxurious and fastest ocean liners...

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SS France / Norway

Great British Passenger Ships
This new series begins with British passenger ship, those great and grand vessels that connected the continents, but also those far-off, colonial outposts of the Empire. There were the great Cunarders, of course, but then also the likes of Booth Line to the exotic Amazon, Royal Mail to Rio and Buenos Aires, Union Castle to South and East Africa, British India to the likes of Bombay and Calcutta, and of course the iconic P&O to ports such as Sydney, Singapore, and colonial Hong Kong...
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Nieuw Amsterdam

SS Nieuw Amsterdam: The Darling of the Dutch
Entering service in 1938, the Nieuw Amsterdam was the Holland America Line flagship until the construction of the Rotterdam in the late 1950s. A perennial favourite of the Dutch and their finest Ship of State, Nieuw Amsterdam remained in Holland America Line service until 1974, the last ship to retain the Holland America Line’s familiar green, yellow and white funnels.

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SS France / Norway


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Under the Red Ensign

Under the Red Ensign: British Passenger Liners of the 50s & 60s
It was the Golden Age of British passenger shipping, when new liners were still being constructed and the finest liners afloat, the Cunard Queens, were at their peak. The airplane had yet to overtake the ocean liner as the "only way to travel" and wouldn’t do so until the early 1960s. What the liner lost in speed, it certainly made up for in luxury. British liners still ruled the waves, setting sail almost daily to the United States and Canada and weekly to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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SS France / Norway

SS United States : Speed Queen of the Seas

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Great Passenger Ships 1910-20

Great Passenger Ships 1910-20... from UK's Tempus It was an age of evolution, when size and speed were almost the ultimate considerations. Bigger was said to be better, and ship owners were not exempted from the prevailing mood, while the German four-stackers of 1897-06 and then Cunard's brilliant Mauretania & Lusitania of 1907 led the way to larger and grander liners...

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